Wreath of Buttons

Wreath of Buttons

Whether you hang it on your tree or affix it on a present, this button craft is literally as cute as a button! Here is what you’ll need to get started:

•    Assorted buttons in shades of green (or any colors you like)
•    Thin wire
•    Decorative ribbon
•    Needle nose pliers

•    Scissors
First, take the wire and cut a length of approximately 10″. (Length can vary depending on the desired size of wreath). Make a loop on one side of the wire with the needle nose pliers. Put the buttons on the wire. Bend the wire to form a circle and insert the other end of the wire through the loop that you previously made, and bend the wire to secure it, making sure to leave some room to insert the ribbon through the loop. Cut two pieces of ribbon. Insert one through the loop, forming a bow and then insert the other ribbon to form where you’ll hang it from.

Any child can help with these projects since they are very easy to create. You could find all of the items needed at your local craft store. Now you’re ready to craft away!



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