Holiday Sparkle – Make Your Own Ornaments

– Styrofoam ornaments (I bought the glittery ones, but typically, you’re supposed to use the ones wrapped in silk thread. I just couldn’t find them anywhere.)
– Assorted beads
– Assorted sequins (didn’t realize this until later, but larger sequins would show up better and would be easier for kids to manipulate).
– Assorted colors and sizes of ribbon
– Pins (some with decorative heads on them and then you could probably do some without for the sequins)
– It’s helpful to use a container with dividers (even a cupcake pan) to organize the beads, pins, etc.

– Help your child cut a length of ribbon to go around the ball.
– Load up a pin with some beads/sequins.
– Pin the ribbon to the top of the ball, wrap it around to the other side, and pin the top again.
– Rotate your ornament and wrap ribbon around to intersect the first ribbon.
– Pin the ribbons where they intersect to hold.
– You can add more ribbons and pins/beads/sequins as you desire to make it more ornate.

Have fun and Happy Holidays!!



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